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Fic: Solstice [Mar. 31st, 2009|10:53 am]
Tia Dalma Fan



Title:  Solstice
Author:  concertigrossi
Disclaimer:  Not mine
Character:   Calypso
Rating:  mild PG (language)
Summary:  In which dark plans are made at a witching hour...
With Thanks to pink_siamese and rexluscus for their ever-helpful beta-reading.

Author's Note:

This was supposed to be a New Year's fic, but, well, it didn't get done for New Year's.  I had an idea that the best time to do some great work of divining would be at midnight at New Year's, since that's a sort of in-between time.  Calypso seemed the logical person to be doing something at such a time, and an explanation of how she came up with her plan to get her godhood back seemed like a good idea.

And, as it turns out, you can find out LOTS of stuff on the web.  LOTS and LOTS.  Like the exact times (UST) of all the moon phases for the last 6,000 years.  And then, I realized, it couldn't be New Year's, because almost every culture has a different New Year, so I decided to look up the solstices.  And you can find historical solstice times on the web, too.  It turns out that the new moon and the Northern Hemisphere's winter solstice came within two hours of each other in 1737.  Which fit VERY neatly into my timeline.  And, of course, any Ritual of Great Import has to be done at midnight, so I had to turn to a map of the time zones (thank you, Google!) to find out where it would be midnight when it was 15:20 UST.  And that's roughly UST+8, for those of you playing along at home, which puts us in the area of 130 deg. E longitude, aka Korea, in the Northern Hemisphere.

Or  eastern Russia, as it happens.  Because if we're going for the place that's furthest from the sunlight, we have to look at 66.5 degrees latitude - the Arctic Circle.  (The sunlight, you see, would be hitting the Tropic of Capricorn directly on this solstice, which is opposite the Arctic Circle.)  I wanted it to be over water, since she's a sea goddess, and the nearest water to 66.5 N 130 E  is the Laptev sea, or, as it was known in the 18th century, the Siberian Sea.

To sum up:  I am a great big f-ing nerd.

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